Friday, 27 December 2013



Empty food coloring bottle
Red food coloring
Blue food coloring
Yellow food coloring
White icing
Black permanent marker

Find an empty food coloring bottle. Rinse it out so the bottle is clean. This is the bottle in which you will make the black food coloring.

Add equal parts of red, blue and yellow food coloring to the empty bottle. Pour one-third of a bottle of red food coloring into the empty bottle. Add in one-third of a bottle of the blue food coloring. Finish it off with one-third of a bottle of yellow food coloring.

Secure the lid on the bottle. Shake the black food coloring vigorously so it is mixed. Test the food coloring by putting a couple of drops into a small amount of white icing.

Mix the black food coloring into the icing thoroughly. If you find that the food coloring is not as dark as you like it, add a little more red food coloring to the mixture.

Color the lid of the bottle with a black permanent marker so the bottle is identifiable. Store the bottle in a dark place to reduce color fading.

Tips & Warnings

Use chocolate icing mixed with black food coloring to get a true black color. Chocolate gives you a darker base and requires less color.

Be careful when handling food coloring, as it stains. KOEKENTERT 


You have to paint the fondant silver using edible paint. You can either mix NuSilver with vodka, buy spray edible paint in a can, or use an airbrush.

Before you paint, as described by leah, tint your fondant grey with a tiny bit of black coloring so if you miss a spot while you're painting, it doesn't stand out.

Pretty much what everyone else has said, but I color my fondant grey(just add a tiny bit of black to white fondant) then I liberally dust it with Wilton's silver dust, I don't use vanilla or vodka when I'm going for a dramatic effect, just brush it straight on. My fondant isn't completely dry, it's usually a bit crisco stick( I usually give my fondant cakes a final once over with Criso on a paper towel to get rid of all of my cornstarch or powdered sugar residue) The dust is a bit messy but looks great when done(I did the knobs on my guitar cake this way). If it's too much you can always tone it down by a plain paint brush dipped in vodka of vanilla brushed over the top or the good old Crisco covered paper towel. Hope this helps, good luck!  
# silver kleursel vir troukoeke