Thursday, 19 June 2014


JB Bekker

¾ cup Double cream
4 large egg yolks
¼ cup Amarula cream
3 tablespoons sugar
Pinch of salt
Chopped fresh chillies
200g dark chocolate
2 large egg whites

Beat half a cup of cream until stiff, cover and let chill
Beat the yolks until pale and fluffy
Melt the chocolate and add to eggs while whisking briskly in order to prevent the eggs from curdling
Add Amarula cream and mix well
Cool mixture slightly and fold in the whipped cream
Whisk the egg whites and salt to stiff peaks and fold into the chocolate cream mixture
Divide the chocolate mousse into individual glasses and chill in the refrigerator until firm
Serve with chilli garnish for some colour

 Baie Dankie Chef**Helena Kruger> 19/6/2014