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'Pig Out' on Crispy Pork Belly. This recipe is as simple as they come. Very few ingredients are required to serve up this masterpiece.
Grilling time: Approx 1 hour and 20 minutes
Serves: 6-8. Allow for about 250g raw weight per person.

1.5-2kg pork belly rib (with some rib in it). See note below.
2ml Ground ginger
10ml BBQ spice
3ml White pepper
15ml Olive Oil
10ml coarse sea salt
15ml Molasses
15ml Honey
10ml Soy sauce
10ml Brown sugar
(Mix together in a cup or bowl)

The art of roasting pork comes down to tender, juicy meat and crispy crackling. This is how it's done.

Fire: Indirect fire with 25-30 briquettes on each side or set your gas weber on indirect to maintain a heat of about 180°C.
Place the belly on wire rack with the skin side up and pour a kettle of boiling water over it. Make sure the belly does not sit in the water.
Leave the belly on the rack and cover loosely with a net to avoid flies getting to the meat and let it dry out for 2-3 hours. If you want to speed this process up you can put a fan to blow on it. There is no set time for this but the dryer the skin the crispier it will be.
After this you can rub the belly and the skin with the oil and spices. I don’t use a lot of the BBQ spice on the skin as it can get a little bit dark then.
Place the belly, skin side up, on the grid not directly over the coals and cover with the lid. (You can also put the belly at a slight angle in a roast holder. This allows excess fat to run of the skin to get even crispier.)
Leave to cook for 1 hour.
After the hour the belly should be just cooked or almost there at least. Using a kitchen knife you can carefully remove the skin from the belly. The knife should slide through easily.
Brush the belly with the glaze and roast a further 10-20 min depending on degree of doneness.
Place the crackling on the grid, skin side up, over the direct heat. This is where you need to keep a close eye as it could burn easily. After a few minutes you can turn the crackling over and cook the other side. Brush the last bit of the glaze on the inside of the crackling. The skin will start to form tiny, crisp bubbles. Whatever you do don’t overcook it.
Remove the belly and the crackling and leave the belly to rest for 5min.
Now you are ready to carve and serve.

Warning: Once you get a taste of the crackling you might not want to serve your guests and rather keep all of it for yourself.

Note: Butcheries sell a few different parts as belly. Some will include a bit of the rib and others not. Some have the rib trimmed of so the belly is thinner.*

Hilda Dates Steyn*(Lekker Braai)



[by marindakook]
As jy die varkie wil gaarmaak moet jy nie haastig wees nie. Hy moet stadig in sy bak gaarword. Die geheim van goeie glaskraak crackling vertel ek jou nou. Stel jou oond op 160 grade Celsius en weet dit gaan 4 uur vat om gaar te word.
2 x bottels savannabier
8 sage blare
growwe sout
4 uie in ringe gesny
6 naeltjies
750 ml water
6 groot uie (vir later insit)
6 aartappels (vir later insit)
•in ‘n oondbak sit jou uie, bier, sageblare en water
•sit jou porkbelly bo-op en druk die naeltjies in
•vryf nou die porkbelly eers met bakpoeier en dan met growwe sout in ( soos jy poeier op n baba se boudjies sou invryf)
Dis nou hier waar die geduld ter sprake kom. Sit jou bak onbedek in die oond. Loer so dan en wan om te sien of daar genoeg vloeistof in jou bak is. Indien dit min raak, vul dit op met water.
Na 2 uur wat jou varkie in die oond is, sit jou heel aartappels en uie in. Draai hul gereeld om en hulle sal goudbruin word.
Na nog 2 uur is jou varkie gaar. Sny die varkie en pak dit op n mooi bord. Gooi die sous in ‘n potjie en maak dit dik met Bistro bo-op die stoof. Geniet die heerlikheid en hoor hoe jou crackling kraak.
.*Kos vir kampeerders met idees vir kampering*22/10/2015